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Auctions to favor the Kinderlachen with United Charity

United charity, a partner of Kinderlachen, has been auctioning the things for us for many years that money can’t buy for us. These include signed jerseys by top football stars or guitars signed by musicians. There are special things that you can purchase, to support Kinderlachen. See what is currently being auctioned!.

Versteigerungen zu Gunsten von Kinderlachen bei United Charity


We support sick
and needy children
between the ages
of 0 and 17 years


Our help is mainly in Germany and also in Austria and Switzerland


We guarantee that your donation is used so that it can directly help the affected children

Donations in Kind

We only help with donations in kind and fulfil wishes which money can’t buy

Kinderlachen’s Current projects

Find about the projects here, Kinderlachen is currently supporting. In addition to a general donation or funding opportunity, you can also support a specific project.

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